Facts About The FIFA World Cup

The World Cup Trophy is Made from Solid Gold The official FIFA World Cup trophy was first awarded in 1974 and is made of 11 pounds of 18 karat gold (worth over $150,000). The trophy is given to the winning nation to hold for ...Read More

Interesting Facts About Weddings

Wedding Season The middle of the summer is wedding season in the U.S. and that means millions of couples across the continent are tying the knot. Whether you’re recently engaged, heading down the aisle soon, or just attending a wedding as a guest, these 10 cool facts about ...Read More

Amazing ‘Hi-Tech’ Shirts

Lazer Shirts Ordinary t-shirts are a thing of the past! Jump into the future of fashion by adding some of these high-tech shirts to your wardrobe. Use the included UV laser pointer to draw all types of designs onto the front of the Lazer ...Read More

Gorgeous Tattoos That Are Currently Trending

Moons Looking to get a new tattoo in 2014? Make sure it’s one of these trendy designs to make all your friends jealous of your ink! Moons have always a safe tattoo choice, but it’s really surging in popularity right now. The Moon is ...Read More

Future Technological Advances That Are Actually Pretty Scary

Lab Grown Meat If you’re wondering what you’re actually eating at McDonald’s, those questions may increase within the next ten years. Lab grown meat is a process that is constantly being developed and perfected. Scientists have grown their own beef and eggs,reaching edible stages. ...Read More

Creative Packaging Designs

Sports Drink Packaging sounds so mundane and boring… until you see inspirational designs like these that incorporate creative engineering and great graphic design! For example, these sports drink bottles double as dumbbells — it’s pure genius! That is until you drink it and the ...Read More

The Most Extreme Weight Loss Methods

Stomach Stapling People will go to insane lengths to lose extra weight, including these really extreme methods. Some of them don’t even work and many of them are downright dangerous! Rather than put in the work and diet and exercise, many extremely overweight people ...Read More

Guilty Pleasures That Are Good For You

Shopping Even when you can’t really afford what you’re buying, the lure of a fancy new pair of shoes or the latest electronic gadget is just too tempting to resist. Luckily for us shopoholics, this guilty pleasure is nicknamed “retail therapy” for a reason. ...Read More

Rumored Features Of The Upcoming iPhone 6

Larger Screen When you ask anyone using a Samsung or HTC smartphone why they don’t have an iPhone, they’ll probably tell you that they wanted a bigger screen. Apple has definitely heard those complaints, so it’s no surprise that the iPhone 6 will almost ...Read More

Things You Didn’t Know About Shrek

A Musical Version of Shrek Exists Shrek is no longer just a movie, it’s a musical too! The play is based off of the film and was created by Jeanine Tesori and David Lindsay-Abaire. After a successful trial run in 2008, it became an ...Read More

Crazy Stuff Recovered From The Ocean

Apollo 11 Engines What do billionaires spend their money on? In the case of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos — finding and recovering the F-1 engines that launched Apollo 11 into space! The historic 1969 spaceflight landed the first humans — Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ...Read More

Facts About Pixar’s ‘Monsters Inc.’

Sulley Has Over 2.3 Million Hairs Animating a movie is intense! Each ‘Monsters, Inc.’ frame that included Sulley could take up to 12 hours to make. Why? The adorable blue monster’s design includes over 2.3 million individual hair strands on his body — 2,320,413 ...Read More

Funny Things Hidden By Developers In Video Games

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas First up is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. On top of the Southern suspension tower of Gant Bridge a message is written. It reads: “There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away.” The game developers obviously know us gamers ...Read More

Interesting Facts About The iPhone

The iPhone Was Originally Known as “Purple” When Apple was developing the iPhone, its codename was “Project Purple.” The team tasked with developing the revolutionary device renamed their super-secret division of Apple HQ the “Purple Dorm.” Specific Apple employees were quietly recruited to work on a new ...Read More